We believe that every young person has the right to enjoy a fantastic holiday and that families and carers of young people with learning disabilities deserve a break of their own. We also believe that there is an army of people who can volunteer their time, efforts and energy to help make this happen.

Our Objectives

  • To provide safe, fun residential holidays for children and young people with learning disabilities
  • To give parents, carers and siblings total respite from full-time caring
  • To offer a life-changing experience for young volunteer helpers
  • To be a hub of best practice, compliance and training for affiliated/partner holidays and like-minded organisations
  • To have a positive influence on society’s understanding of and attitude towards learning disability

“The opportunity for us to have quality time together with our other daughter is extremely rare. The holiday gives us the time to spend with her, doing things we aren’t able to do when F is with us. We are able to fully relax and recharge ourselves. We all look forward to the week”

– Parent

“The holiday has absolutely made me so much more aware of the things that these children and their families have to do every single day and I am so unbelievably honoured that I can do something to help. It gives me the most profound sense of joy to be involved”

– Volunteer