We work with host schools across the UK to set up and run brilliant week-long holidays for young people with learning disabilities every summer. We do this by training volunteer helpers to provide one-to-one, 24-hour care. The helpers are overseen by a team of experienced volunteers and professionals.

In More Detail

We partner with host schools that have both the desire and the infrastructure to provide a one-week residential holiday during the summer for local children and young people with learning disabilities.

We start by working with the host school for 18 months leading up to their first holiday. Our support covers volunteer recruitment, training, establishing the suitability of the environment, completing a holiday timetable and plan, building organisational systems based on our tried and tested template, and offering advice on fundraising.

Most importantly, we support the host school to find extraordinary young people to take part in the holiday.

The holidays use the boarding facilities of the host school, which can usually cater for 20 young people (“holidaymakers”) between the age of 8-18 with a range of learning disabilities. The holidaymakers are supported by approximately 30 young volunteers, predominantly from the host school, who give one-to-one, 24/7 care. The volunteers are led by six Group Leaders and an experienced Senior Team.

When setting up new holidays, Green Frog Holidays will provide the Group Leaders and the majority of the Senior Team, including experienced personnel with SEND (special educational needs and disability) expertise and medical training. Over time, the holiday will grow its own Group Leaders and develop its own Senior Team. At this point, the holiday will decide whether to remain under Green Frog Holidays’ umbrella or register with Ofsted in its own right.

“The thing that truly makes the holiday magical is witnessing the children’s experiences- watching them have fun, form friendships, break barriers and simply sparkle. It is evident in the number of children who not only choose – but cannot wait – to come back on the holiday””

– Volunteer